Wednesday, November 18, 2009

K's New Toy

So, K bought an espresso machine yesterday. Today, while examining the tiny one ounce cups, I noticed that they were very high quality. Thick, heavy glass. I said, "Wow. You could huck one of these at someone's head and probably kill them."

I kinda got yelled at. "Only YOU would think of something like that!"

I probably made a face in response. Sheepish? Maybe. Befuddled? Probably.

But, really. Am I the only one who would think of something like that? Really?

I wonder...

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Jodi Lee said...

I'm just seeing a ton of posts today, for the first time...agh!

Anywhoo - tell K you're not the only one. If something is heavy enough, that's always my first thought. ;)

Followed by "Damn, but I've run out of room to hide the bodies."