Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Shower Popper

Did I ever tell you about the spooky being I have come to call The Shower Popper? No, I know I didn't. Because it's embarrassing. But, in my house, there are several bathrooms. In one, where I like to do my thing, every so often-but not that often-once in a while, a shadowy figure will POP out of the shower while I'm on the john. That's pretty scary, right? Even more scary-the Shower Popper will sometimes even snap my picture just as it POPS out.

Usually, I scream. It is quite terrifying, as anyone who has ever been surprised while on a toilet will attest to.

Here is a picture of me the first time I was assaulted by the Shower Popper:

Yes, my hair was blue. It was a while ago.

Then, several months later, after I shaved my head from embarrasement, BAM, the Popper got me again:

And, later that same day, after I'd gathered my courage and talked myself into thinking I must have imagined the whole thing (Twice) the Shower Popper struck again!

As you can see, going into that bathroom is no picnic for me. But at least I have the photographic evidence of some sort of foul play. Or maybe it's PARANORMAL ACTIVITY?

You be the judge.

Oh, and why I wear enormous black shades with flames on the sides while I'm in the bathroom is none of your damn business. (It's a REALLY bright bathroom!)