Wednesday, May 23, 2012

whoa. back from the dead.

Yep, blogger finally hooked me up with my info for this dang thing. two years later. wow. not sure how often I'll post here, as I have my wordpress page now, but I figure I can still keep this for random ramblings that have nothing to do with my career. probably won't be of interest to anyone else but me, but gathering your thoughts now and then is a good thing, even if no one else reads it.


something I've been thinking about lately is how we've grown into this culture of hate and dismissiveness (if that's even a real word.)

what I mean by that is most evident on place like facebook. people have these lame full-on wars about pretty much anything anyone says that they don't agree with and it has left me wanting to just delete my personal page on many days.

I'm a very liberal democrat. the things I post reflect that. just because I voice certain opinions about certain things doesn't mean I'm looking for a fight. I never check out what other people are posting and go, "well goddammit, I disagree and I'm gonna tell this person what a fucking moron they are." I figure, it's they're page, they think differently about things-whatever.

I just wish everyone had the same mentality. I can't even count the times people have come to my page for the sole purpose of fighting with me about stupid shit. and it's almost exclusively people who don't talk to me otherwise.

so, yeah, I'm an idiot and piece of shit because I don't think like you do.

that's what I mean when I say a culture of hate. people are big and bad behind their computers, aren't they? but it's a bummer when people threaten to not read my books or whatever because as an american voter, I am registered differently than they are. that's a load of horse shit right there.

I guess I just wish people would have the same respect for other peoples opinions and maybe-I don't know-take to their own pages to rant or whatever. you know, like I do.

ok, that's enough about that for now. hopefully it made a little sense.

otherwise, it's raining again. I'm really getting anxious for summer. I need some vitamin D in my life for sure.

if anyone out there in the ether happens upon this blog, I hope you are well and happy and doing what you love to do most.