Thursday, December 10, 2009

Poetry and Oprah

I had a dream last night that Oprah was asking to see some of my poetry. I didn't want her to be disappointed so I rummaged through notebooks, pretending to see if I had any examples and tehn had to tell her, "Sorry. I don't have any with me."

She was disappointed anyway, which bummed me out. I told her, "But I've written a bunch of books." I was going to give her copies but she didn't seem that interested and said, "Yeah, maybe I'll pick those up." But I knew from the way she said that she probably wouldn't.

It's important to note that I don't really write poetry and evidently, neither does Dream Me. Dream Me didn't want to tell Oprah that though.

Am I spelling her name right? It looks weird to me. Not as weird as the dream though. Any dream experts out there who feel like explaining this to me? Because I am baffled.

But, she was nice nonetheless. There was other shit in there too, but I think that was the most important part.

You know what I hate? Soft toothpicks.

That is all.


Jodi Lee said...

Yep, you're spelling her name right. Harpo, backwards. ;)

電話 said...

Better late than never................