Thursday, May 29, 2008

If I Wasn't Vegan

I swear, I would eat my dog right now. She has been driving me frigging insane all day. Actually, for several days now. I have no idea what's gotten into her. She is a Border Collie/Australian Shepard and was so hyper/insane/needy as a puppy that I seriously thought I was going to need therapy to keep from killing her. Lately, she's been acting the way she did back then. (She recently turned five.) I've been trying to finish a book and I guess there is something about the sound of my keyboard because every time I start typing, she comes running with a ball, a squeaky toy, a plastic bottle she stole out of the recycle, a dish towel from the rack. (Did I mention she is also a thief? Worse than a ferret.) If I ignore her demands for attention, she will nudge me with her muzzle. Then whine. Then proceed to barking. Then jumping on me and barking some more. As I type this, she is barking. I keep having to keep deleting typos due to the fact that my chair goes rolling off and slamming into the bookcase to my right because she keeps leaping on me, sending me flying.
But, all things considered, she is very cute. At the moment, though, I think she would be even more cute if she were stuffed. Just sayin'.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Third of Three

I can't believe I remembered my password for this thing. Lucky guess, really.

Anyway, I just thought I would jot down some of the happenings in my life these days. Anyone who would read this probably knows that the first bit of news is that my bizarro novel CHEMICAL GARDENS has been optioned for film. I guess you could say its "in developement". It was purchased for a young actress named Selena Gomez. I think her people are shopping it around to studios right now. The ones that were mentioned to me were Disney (uh oh!) and Warner Bros. (sweet!) The only director's name I heard was Tim Burton, but I really can't imagine that that could actually happen. That would just be KOOKY TO THE MAX!!! haha.

So, there's that. More info as it becomes available to me...

I also have a few books coming out soonish. The first one, from Afterbirth, called MOTHER PUNCHER, should be out within a month or two. I think...I'm just guessing here. Then there's SKY TONGUES, coming from Eraserhead in the fall, I believe. The last one is called RUMORS OF MY DEATH and will be released through Afterbirth's absurdist imprint, Bloo Skize. This one I'm pretty nervous about because it's actually the first full-length novel I ever wrote and is many years old. I sense a major re-write in my future.

Also, there are a few short stories coming out in various anthos, including one in the Graveside Tales' THE BEAST WITHIN and another in Horror Library Vol.3. I feel like I'm forgetting something, but I can't remember what now. Ugh.

I'm spaced because of the amount of Benedryl I've been having to take lately. The weed pollen here in Washington has been through the roof for about a week, I guess. Maybe longer. It's making me miserable as hell. I'm considering getting allergy shots since I've been taking about twice the recommended dose of those pills and still feeling like crap.

Let's see..anything else...hmm...

My mind just went junkie blank so I suppose that's it. Tune in next time when I'll be talking about Particle Men and The Alone Hole. Or maybe not. Maybe I just made up those titles on the spot. In fact, I think I did. haha.