Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Space Shot

So....I just came out of a five day cleanse. Very little food (mostly just fruit) or drink, except for water. No caffeine, which I thought would kill me and the first day I had the headache from hell but it slowly petered out until the last day when it was only vaguely annoying. Last night I finally ate a little bit of bread and pasta and my body said "WHAT THE FUCK????" haha. Drinking a cup of coffee now and feeling a bit spacy, but it's all good. I really missed my good buddy Java. It is probably the one vice I could never give up completely.

I did absolutely no writing during this time, but read quite a bit of Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman, highlighter always close at hand. The book is rather simplistic and far-fetched but still is full of good wisdom and beauty. I would recommend it to anyone seeking spiritual enlightenment. Just try and get past the almost childlike prose and you should be okay.

But, I think today is the day I get back to putting my own words on virtual paper and continue on with SLWV, which should have been finished eons ago. It's never taken me this long to finish a book, which is kinda pissing me off and I'm gritting my teeth and forcing myself forward out of sheer stubbornness. This book WILL be finished, hopefully this month.

Anyway, may these words find you in light and love, where and whoever you may be.


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Garrett Cook said...

I decided to do that for today early this morning. Don't know if I can manage five days or not writing anything, but it's been cool so far.