Sunday, June 15, 2008

I was going through some old boxes about a week ago, which contained ancient notebooks and writings, mostly from my teenage years. Talk about hilarious and embarrassing both at the same time. Most of the stuff, I couldn't get past the first couple of paragraphs before groaning or giggling before moving onto the next thing. Talk about angst and waxing poetic. Good grief.

Most of my stuff was not very bizarro back then, though I did find one thing that had quite a few bizarro elements in it. The story is called GASOLINE STREAM and is basically about the whole world being on fire. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense but parts of it are very weird and funny. I thought I might release it as an APA novella, but as the APA is being revamped, I'm not really sure. I'm wondering if I should release it on my own, selling it as a very limited edition (but very inexpensive) chapbook. Or maybe offering it as a freebie to folks who buy a certain number of my other books at once. OR, maybe I'll just do nothing with it at all.

The rest of the stuff I found was mostly crap. A couple of pretty cool short stories, but not much else worth noting.

I'm also kind of stumped over the novel I'm supposed to do in July. I REALLY want to start a new one, but I really HAVE to finish an old one. Damn this being a libra crap! Making a decision--even a simple one--becomes this torturous, glacial process. Bah.

But, life is good. Allergies still suck, but life is good. :)

Hope whoever may come across this blog is having an outstanding day! Let's hug!

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Jodi Lee said...

Damn those scales! ;) I don't think there's a specification at JulNo, is there? About working on one or two projects?

Do both... ;) (I love playing devilish advocate... )