Tuesday, December 4, 2012

new post?

I'm thinking about reviving this old blog for some reason. Just to have a journal I guess. I kind of miss it. I'm also doing some stuff that I don't normally talk about on the internet-I won't even offer any clues-but I will say it has nothing whatsoever to do with writing, fiction, whatever. It's more personal and closer to my heart. Sometimes you have to keep certain pieces of yourself just for yourself and those people who you are closest to. Meaning, people you actually know it real life. People who have nothing to do with the writing gig. You know, REGULAR people, who care about things other than pimping their wares and wanting something from you that you may not have the time or desire to give. Because, I've discovered that's really what writing is about. Most writers have no desire to truly be your friends. They want you to promote them, support them, etc, often without returning the favor. I wish someone had told me that in the beginning. Would have saved me a bit of heartache. But, live and learn, right? As a result of learning things the hard way, I most definitely will not forget the lessons. Concentrate on the readers. Fuck other writers. They only want to eat you alive.

But anyway. It's nearing 4:30 AM and I have no plans for sleeping any time soon. So, here I am, rambling whatever happens to come into my head. Maybe I'll try to jazz this place up a bit. Clean up the cobwebs, maybe redecorate the walls. I don't know. Ultimately I may prove to be just too lazy to mess with it, but that's okay too. It works just fine the way it is.

I think I'll probably be back soon. Hopefully. Maybe. We'll see. If this inhuman bout of insomnia lasts, it could become a regular thing again. The fiction that I've stopped writing (mostly) will be replaced with...I guess this is nonfiction? But still the wheels turn. Sorry is this is nonsensical. Like I said, 4:30 AM.

Go hug someone super hard. Give them a hug they'll never forget, because those are the best kinds. Just watch out for the knives.


lentigogirl said...

virtual hugs to YOU, my sweet, no knife.

Gina Ranalli said...

you always give the best hugs. <3