Sunday, March 14, 2010


Can you hear me whining/screaming that from wherever you are in the world? If not, that's pretty surprising.

I'm editing a book (my own) which is never fun. Making the changes that an editor has requested isn't the problem though. It's the fact that, if I'm working on a book I haven't read for a while, then I want to change EVERYTHING. I can't believe I wrote such crap. Must make it prettier, nicer, more gory, less gory, italics or no italics? What was I thinking!!!???

Yeah, that's my job. If you want to trade, I'm open to discussing it.

Here's something off the subject:

I wonder how guys feel about being called "son" by other guys-particularly ones who are not their fathers or grandfathers. I think that would annoy me. As in, "Put down the weapon, son." Or "Did you know you have a tail light out, son?" Or "TV will make you puke green chunks, son."

You get the idea.

That would drive me crazy. I think the female equivelant is "young lady," which I can't stand. It's so condescending. The last person to call me young lady was yelling at me and as a result I replied with "old man." It wasn't that long ago either. Maybe a few years. The guy is a serious asshole. Not a funny one. A SERIOUS one.

I'm just rambling in an attempt to avoid work. Did I mention I don't wanna?

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