Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Waterfall of Pus

That is how the back of my throat was described by my doctor the other day. Nice visual, eh? So, yeah, I've been super-sick and no one knows exactly what's going on, but I don't care anymore. I'm getting better now-or at least I FEEL better now-but I'm on lots of drugs, including prednisone, amoxicillin, and tramadol, among other things.

I had to miss a reading in Portland the other night and for once I was actually looking forward to doing one, since it was a vegan gathering, but I was in no mood or shape to drive 7+ hours to maybe sell a couple copies. Plus my voice was shot anyway.

I think I might almost be ready to get back in the saddle as far as work goes, so that's cool. It's been one delay after another this year, but I'm still trying to be positive about everything.

Guess I'm too tired to write more than this right now. Be back later with more...


Jodi Lee said...

*hugs* I'm so glad you're starting to feel better, sweetie!

Nick Cato said...

AHhh---the old back-of-the-throat-pus-er-fall thing---glad you're on the mend!