Thursday, April 2, 2009


So, K's tests came back fine. Nothing wrong that they could see. BUT--her legs are getting worse and the vasculitis is spreading upwards, all the way to her lower stomach now. And a really weird thing--even the slightest scratch anywhere on her body gets all inflamed and angry looking, spreading out and growing wider. The doctors are baffled at this point and took a biopsy from her leg. Also, she is scheduled to see a dermatologist Monday. So, we'll see how that goes I guess.

She's been really tired and is sleeping a lot.

I'm feeling a little better, but not a whole lot. Too worried to work, which sucks because I have deadlines. Meh.

If you don't know what vasculitis is, do a google image search to get an idea of what we're dealing with. Not pretty and scary as hell.


Jodi Lee said...

Any news? How's she doing? How're *you* doing?

Totally obnoxious at this point, but forgive me... you've been tagged & awarded. Stop by the blog when ya get a chance. :)

Gina Ranalli said...

Thanks for checking in, Jo-jo. It really means a lot me.

The dermatologist is currently running more tests, etc. The vasculitis is a symptom of something else but they don't know what yet.

It still looks awful and has spread further north. She is all bruised and swollen from needle punctures.

I'm living in a state of perpetual terror basically, but mostly you wouldn't know it.

Anyway, off to your blog! :)