Monday, February 23, 2009

Easily Amused

I just bought a flashlight that's smaller than a cigarette. What will they think of next, eh?

Sleep is not my friend lately. Can't sleep during night hours for some reason, so--up all night, sleep all day. The life a rockstar, right? Kinda blows, actually. Might pull an all-nighter to try to break the cycle. Gloomy dark days probably aren't helping...

I keep looking at my strat in the corner. It's distracting. Saying "Play with me, damn you!" It's so pretty, how can I resist?

Ok, enough nonsense. Please visit for the real news of the day. It's 100% Premium News-Not From Concentrate.

Have my toes always looked like this?


Jodi Lee said...

Yes they have, and why aren't you playing with the strat?


Gina Ranalli said...

Ha! Excellent question!

Peanut McSizzle said...

Thanks for commenting back, and I totally feel ya with the insomnia. It is the worst, really. It's like, can't sleep but can't ever be fully awake either. It's crap.

And that feminism vid - awesome. I shot the link over to a friend of mine immediately after watching it