Friday, January 2, 2009

What It Takes

I'm really beginning to wonder if I have what it takes to "go all the way" in the writing biz. Whatever that may mean--which is different things to different people. I'm not even really sure what it means to me. But even at the level I'm at now, I'm finding certain things more than just a little unsavory.

I'm just not comfortable with the amount of self-whoring (for lack of a better term) it seems to entail. I see people, whose work I like and some I even consider friends, just whoring themselves to the point where it makes me nauseous and embarrassed for them. It is painful to see people begging for attention, begging others to buy their books, begging, begging, begging. Nominating themselves for things, for crying out loud.

The whole thing is distressing to me. Is that really what I'll have to do to get people to notice my work? Probably. Will I do it? Never to that degree. I'd rather go back to working a cash register, truth be told.

So maybe I don't have what it takes, after all. And I'm actually glad of that fact. Take it as you will, but I like my dignity exactly as it is, thanks.


Jodi Lee said...

Wow, blogger is not letting me comment today. Grr.

Anyway - Amen, and *applause*! I had something witty about the P&E poll, too. Meh..

Did you get my email about an interview? *nudgenudge*

Gina Ranalli said...

Yeah, "meh" is right.

I didn't get your email for some reason. Spam net, I assume. Send again, please. Unless I write to you first, which I may. :)

The Pueschel? said...

Disgust and nausea are definitely appropriate, but there is always some level of whoring you've got to do no matter what industry you're in. I whore myself to customers, for instance, so they'll keep coming back to buy my company's overpriced bullshit.

You write because you love it, right? So if you've got to whore yourself out to sell a few copies, do it. It's your material, so you can choose the level of self-promotion.

Just know I'll be out there pimpin' your wares and preaching the gospel of Bizarro regardless. ;-)

We know you're no whore. You're a lady.