Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cats and Bugs

My cat is pretty much the coolest kitty on the planet. That is, I personally don't know of a cooler one, but, of course, I'm biased. She's my best buddy--staying with me when I'm sick, when I have insomnia, when I'm depressed. I think she was a really great nurse in another life.

I took this pic yesterday while unpacking some stuff. She's no kitten anymore but you'd never know it. Always looking for trouble, which she has an uncanny ability to find. She's meowing beside me as I type this, which always causes the dog to want to chase her. Then they get into a boxing match, which the cat always wins. She's a little bad-ass. (I wonder where she gets that from?)

Anyway, I'm avoiding working because I have some lame-ass stomach bug that's making me feel like crap, but I am too stubborn (i.e. DUMB) to go lie in bed, telling myself I will feel better at any moment and be able to continue working on SWARM OF FLYING EYEBALLS, which I am woefully behind on. Good thing I can write like a bat out of hell when the need arises. It will be arising soon, I suspect.

Anyone know the best thing for a stomach flu? Maybe some warm gingerale? Blah. Kill me.


Jodi Lee said...

*hugs* for Gina!

Mint tea, or ginger tea should help the flu. If you've got sniffles with it, drink 'em hot. If not, they're good cold, too.

Chewing on fresh spearmint leaves, or that candied ginger stuff (ewww)sometimes helps. I can't vouch for the candied ginger, I can't stand it. I tried it when I was pregnant (not a good time to do it) and it turned me off. LOL Spearmint *anything* I can vouch for. S'all good!

Gina Ranalli said...

yeah, mint is good. every brushing my teeth helps a little.

I bit into a raw ginger root not too long ago. BAD IDEA.

Thanks for the suggestions, Jo-Jo!